Ben Ditzler

Founder + Owner

It’s a unique personality who revels in thinking about trash. Ben Ditzler knows waste isn’t the average person’s idea of fun, but also knows the confusing and frustrating experience of trying to recycle properly. With a background in engineering, buildings, and design before a 10+ year career as a recycling professional, Ben has seen every messaging trick in the book and knew there had to be a better way. Inspiration struck one day while gazing out of a train window on the way to work, and Dyvert was born.

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Quick Highlights

  • Founded Dyvert in 2019
  • 15 years as recycling professional & advocate
  • Certified TRUE Advisor for zero waste
  • Works with facilities to improve their waste systems
  • Waste composition study expert (he’s sorted a lot of trash)
  • BS Civil Engineering from Lehigh University
  • Preserved & renovated three Philadelphia rowhomes
  • Vegetable and cactus urban gardener
  • Former high level ultimate frisbee player & coach

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