Keep it uncluttered

If you dump in a pile of trash, it’ll look like a pile of trash. The best presentation makes the best results.

Select location-specific materials

Choose items branded and unique items specific to your location. Maybe your compostable cups look similar to trash-able cups? Show it.

Right-size your items

Choose items that aren’t too big or too small. Show the 16 oz cup instead of the 50 oz Big Gulp™.

Fold or cut XL items

Some items, especially paper products, can be bulky. A cutaway of a takeout container can be even more recognizable than the whole version.

Choose materials that “pop”

Use the uniqueness of an item’s outline shape or brightly colored packaging to gain notice against the display background color.

Group like items/materials

Keep it simple for users by grouping similar items (all bottles) or materials (all plastics) together. Make sure your grouping strategy takes advantage of the larger and smaller chamber sizes.

Keep it updated

Periodically check your display items to ensure that they correspond with the present materials, are in good shape, and haven’t gone mysteriously missing.

Bundle/collate small items

Chip bags, candy wrappers, straws, stir sticks, lids, condiment packets, etc. are items that can be small and difficult to message around.

If you must include them for messaging, consider putting several of them together to form a more noticeable bundle or grouping.

Consider item labels

For ultra-confusing items, extra detail can be added by affixing labels with names or additional descriptions to sample items. As long as it is simple and straightforward, Dyvert encourages users to uber-message if needed.

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