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Better recycling for Philadelphia community spaces

Philadelphians know that the city's strength comes through its neighborhoods, and it's the small-scale connectors that provide the backbone of our communities. Neighborhood leaders are adept at focusing on the task at hand and "making it work", despite the obstacles. An effective on-site recycling program can be a small but important step that educates the public and shows a commitment to the future.

Dyvert is launching a campaign to place next-generation recycling stations in Philadelphia’s community and gathering spaces. People are confused about what materials should be recycled or discarded in a given location, and facility operators struggle to provide effective messaging to users who may not be familiar with the venue’s recycling “rules”.

The first phase of the campaign will place 10 recycling stations AT NO COST TO THE SPACE, each including:

  • 2x waste bins (23 gallons each)
  • 2x Dyvert Vue display case messaging lids
  • 2x detailed laminated printed signs
  • 4x lid ID labels (2x RECYCLING, 2x TRASH)
  • 2x fake food items (for the trash display case)

A pilot recycling station was sponsored by Maurice Sampson of Niche Waste Reduction & Recycling Systems and installed at Tiny WPA, a West Philly group that teaches youth and adults design, fabrication, and entrepreneurship skills to help participants literally build better neighborhoods.

Here is Tiny WPA's recycling setup before:

Tiny WPA before

Here is Tiny WPA's recycling setup afterwards:

Tiny WPA after

A closer look:

Tiny WPA-close up

Renee Schacht, Co-founder of Tiny WPA:

"We love our new Dyvert trash and recycling system. The Vue makes recycling easy and straightforward. We learned so much just setting up our new trash and recycling bins. Things we thought were recyclable are actually trash and vice versa.

Everyone needs the Vue!"


Q. Why are you doing this?

A. To improve recycling, help non-profits and community connectors/spaces, provide recycling/sustainability education, and build awareness of what our company offers.

Q. Who is eligible to receive a station?

A. Basically, any space that brings people together and promotes youth, education, or community building in Philadelphia. The key words are small, non-profit, or community. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Q. Who is eligible to sponsor a station?

A. Any individual and organization located within or outside Philadelphia that wants to boost recycling and help build our community connections. The sponsor will receive acknowledgement on the printed signage that accompanies each station, as well as via Dyvert’s website and social media.

Q. How many stations will you place?

A. 10 sponsors will fund 10 stations in 10 community spaces. We have already received sponsorships and community space requests, so spots are limited.

Q. Who will set up the recycling station?

A. Dyvert will arrange a visit the community space, bring the components, and work with the venue to set up the customized recycling station.

Q. Can stations be customized for my space?

A. Yes! Our products are made to be customized by location. If a certain type/brand of material (bottles, cups, wrappers, utensils, etc.) is common in a location, messaging should highlight those materials. You can even adapt and tweak the displayed items over time to experiment and maximize effectiveness.

Q. What is a Dyvert Vue?

A. The Vue is a simple waste bin lid that grabs the users' attention and clearly shows them what dispose where. It's a patented new product that increases recycling and cuts contamination (the "wrong" stuff in a bin) in half.

Q. Will you have program for groups outside of Philadelphia?

A. We hope to, but at this time anyone, no matter their location, can sponsor a recycling station.

Q. I'm interested in sponsoring or receiving a station. What do I do?

A. Contact us!

Q. I have more questions about Dyvert. What do I do?

A. Check out our main FAQ (we know, it's very meta), or contact us.

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