Whether you know your exact bin configuration or whether you require pro guidance to listen to your needs and aid your selection, we’re here to help.

Vista Front3

Number of streams

How many openings do you need? What is collected in your location? Trash, compost, bottles & cans, paper, single stream recycling, etc.? A Vista can accommodate up to 4 streams/stalls.


Low, medium, or high traffic area? Dyvert offers 15, 23, 28, and 40 gallon sizes.

23 and 40 gallon chambers can even be paired together to emphasize a particular stream or to tailor a Vista to your exact waste stream mix.

Load direction

We recommend a top loading bin for most indoor spaces, and a front loading bin for outdoor spaces.

Roof shape

For indoor receptacles, a flat top is compact, while a sloped top can keep the bin cleaner by discouraging items from being left on the bin or blocking an opening.

For outdoor receptacles, roofs can be flat, curved, or sloped front to back or back to front.

Backboard header

Yep, you can pair the Dyvert display with a backboard header for even more messaging, whether standard or custom signage.

Color scheme

Do you want a bright, eye-catching look or an elegant, classic look? Do you want colors and logos to reflect your institution or the recycling/waste/compost/trash streams contained within?

Display colors

Whatever the look of the bin, we strongly suggest that each display case background color be a prescribed color: the color corresponding to the color of the waste stream. If blue is the color that is associated with recycling in your locale, use a blue background to the recycling display case.

Blue or green are typical for recycling. Green, brown, or tan are typical for compost/organics. Brown, gray, and black are typical for trash, but there are always exceptions!

Restrictive opening shapes & display layout

Prompt users to consider their disposal decisions with different opening shapes.

Common shapes and their meanings often include:

Circle for round bottles, cans, etc.
Slot for paper
"Saturn" shape for mixed recycling

We can also construct squares, rectangles, diamonds, octagons and nearly any other shape you need for your waste types.

For a divider configuration in the display, we often recommend the "sideways H", but every bin has its unique needs.

Labels and icons

“Mixed Recycling”, “Paper”, “Trash”, “Landfill”, “Compostables”, “Food Waste”, the recycling symbol, you get the idea.

Custom logo

Consider adding your logo or branding to your bin to make it your own.

Contact us to design your custom bin today.

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