Philadelphia, PA - Dyvert is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the Reveal, Vista, and Vue recycling bin & signage systems that will make on-the-go recycling easier to understand and more effective. The series of products will begin launching in early 2020 for public use.

At a time when recycling is facing well-publicized challenges and opportunities, Dyvert believes this new approach to waste signage will significantly improve the recycling process by providing a 50% reduction in contamination. The product line is designed for flexibility and customization with options that include all-in-one bin & signage systems as well as add-ons for existing receptacles. Ideal for both permanent and temporary locations, the Dyvert system aims to cover many of the day-to-day use cases that traditional receptacles and signage have failed to address.

Owner & Founder Ben Ditzler explains “People want recycling to be simple and now it can be with our products. Our systems show users real-life example items to take the guesswork and confusion out of knowing what to recycle”. Ditzler brings over a decade of experience as a recycling & waste consultant as well as a passion for making recycling more accessible.

Dyvert’s products are currently designed for facilities & sustainability managers at schools & colleges, cultural institutions, businesses, and entertainment venues. Public spaces such as transit stations, food courts, small cafes, event spaces and outdoor festivals are among the top potential uses. By using a simple signage technique and tailoring the messaging to a location’s actual disposed materials, venues can simultaneously improve the visitor experience while making a measurable impact on their waste management practices.

Learn more about these customizable & adaptable recycling systems.

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